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Awakened Soul Living

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Kelly Moretta is the owner of Awakened Soul Living, which she considers a direct extension of herself.  Her mission is to support all that are called to live a more conscious and awakened life.  It is also her mission to create and grow a vibrant community to support the embodiment of New Earth Consciousness or Unity Consciousness.

She has alchemized many teachings over the last 18 years which she offers through her classes, ceremonial circles, individual, and group sessions.   Through her offerings, individuals will find many ways to engage and support themselves as they awaken to their soul’s truth and create the life of their dreams.  Kelly offers her gifts in Quantum Energy Work, Ascension Coaching, Taoist Yoga Practices, Shamanism, Reiki, Sound Healing, Light Language, Sacred Plant Medicines, Gridwork, and more to bring forth a highly supportive path for all willing hearts!

Kelly invites interested individuals to read more on her newly launched website,, and join her in either a 1:1 session custom-tailored to your needs, or group sessions on a wide variety of topics, Reiki certification classes, Shamanic Munay Ki initiations, or community special events!  

Kelly offers all services in person at her Northfield office at 310 Happ Road, Suite 217, or online via Zoom.  To book a session, class, or event visit and use coupon code SHARETHELOVE for a discount special for Northfielders!