Plans and Reports

In 2020, the Village adopted a Comprehensive Plan for the year 2040:

Each year, Village staff develops a budget, which is then reviewed and adopted by the Village Board. This budget is a planning document that directs project management and dictates where monies will be spent. The Village’s budget year runs from May 1 through April 30.

The Village also releases an Annual Comprehensive Financial Report each year. This report is required by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, and provides an overview of the financial statements according to generally accepted accounting principles.

The Transparency in Coverage final rule, released on 10/29/20, requires health plans and carriers to publicly disclose pricing information via machine-readable files (MRFs). MRFs are intended for third party technology developers, as they are written in computer code, not English. Click here for the NSEBC’s MRFs:

Safe and reliable water is a top priority in Northfield. The Village works closely with our water providers to ensure that Northfield residents have the best water possible from Lake Michigan. Below are links to the annual Water Quality Reports:
2017 Water Quality Report
2018 Water Quality Report
2019 Water Quality Report
2020 Water Quality Report
2021 Water Quality Report

Click here for additional information regarding Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in the potable water system.