Stormwater Management

The Village is currently implementing a variety of capital improvement projects and flood protection activities in an effort to reduce flooding impacts on Village residents and business owners. The middle fork of the North Branch of the Chicago River Basin and the Skokie River Basin are the two most problematic flood hazard areas in the Village. Flooding in these locations has typically occurred in the spring or the fall. Click here for a map of the Village’s floodplain.

While the Village cannot prevent flooding, there are several steps taken to reduce its impact on the community. Before a building project is constructed, staff works with developers to ensure that proposed projects minimize impact to adjacent properties. All new projects must meet stringent guidelines established in the Stormwater Management Ordinance, as well as any regulations established at the state and federal levels. 

In the event of a flood, the Village Emergency Preparedness Plan will be implemented. If you are in a hazard area, you will be notified by phone, in person, or through reverse e911 broadcast. It is important to have an emergency plan in place for your home and family. Emergency information will also be broadcast on cable channel 6. The Village will sandbag where needed.

Property owners are responsible for protective measures for your home and property, including sandbagging, pumping, and turning electricity off. Actions taken by the Village, such as sandbagging, is intended to protect public property and benefit the entire area. It may appear that the Village is sandbagging individual homes, but it is important to note that sandbagging efforts are part of a strategic plan designed to provide protection to the entire neighborhood. 

Sanitary Sewer Improvement Program

The Village Board has recently approved a cost-sharing reimbursement program for the installation of an overhead sanitary sewer or backflow prevention valves in vaults.  Click here for program details.


Elevation Certificates

The Village maintains copies of Elevation Certificates for public inspection and insurance rating for many structures located in or adjacent to the floodplain. The Elevation Certificate documents the lowest floor elevation of any new building or substantial improvement built in the Special Flood Hazard Area. These certificates are prepared by Engineers, Architects or Land Surveyors registered in our State. Blank forms may be found at the FEMA Elevation Certificate Page.

Flood Insurance


If you own a home in the floodplain, you likely have an insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program to cover potential losses caused by overland flooding.  Due to the hard work of the Community Development Department, Northfield was recently accepted into the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Community Rating System, which allows residents a 15% discount on new overland flooding policies or policy renewals after October 1, 2016.

Of the over 22,000 communities participating in the National Flood Insurance Program, only 5% also participate in the Community Rating System.  To participate in the System, communities must undergo an intensive application process and are then scored, ranked and assigned a Class.  Most communities enter the program as a Class 9 or 8; however, Northfield entered the program as a Class 7 due to the Village’s comprehensive floodplain administration program. 

Contact your insurance carrier to discuss your policy or for more information about the National Flood Insurance Program and the Community Rating System, visit

FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps can be found here. Click here for additional floodplain maps.


Stormwater Management Plan Report

Click here for the report

Water Quality Best Management Practices/MS4

Click here for the most recent report

More Information

For more information, please contact the Village Engineer at 847-821-6271.