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The Village’s government consists of over 100 full and part-time employees in six specialized departments that serve the resident and business community.
The Village Manager is appointed by the President and Board of Trustees and serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Village.  The Village Manager provides leadership to Village departments and serves as they key contact point for outside agencies to ensure the delivery of high-quality, customer-service oriented programs.
Community Development
Community Development is a multi-functional department responsible for administering building, zoning, development, sign, storm water management, property maintenance, tree preservation, health and sanitation, landscaping, fence, and subdivision codes.  Services provided by the department include plan review, permit issuance, construction inspection, engineering, health inspections, planning, and economic development.
The Finance Department provides oversight of all financial transactions of the Village.  Specific responsibilities include accounting and financial reporting of resources, general ledger, accounts payable, utility billing, business licenses, vehicle license registration, payroll, purchasing, and budget management.  View financial reports here.
The mission of the Fire-Rescue Department is to provide progressive emergency services that include effective educational programs and efficient inspection services.  In 2004, the Department switched from a paid-on-call department to a paid-on premise department, which allows for full-time staffing.  Many of the Fire-Rescue members are also full-time Public Works employees.  This multi-functional department provides the Village with quick and efficient response to all types of emergencies.
The Police Department was established by ordinance for the protection of lives and property within the Village, the enforcement of Federal and State statutes and local ordinances, and to perform related police functions.  Click here for the most recent Police Annual Report.
Public Works
The Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance of the Village’s streets, sidewalks, vehicles, parks, public buildings, trees, alleys, water system, sewer system, and more.  The department is also responsible for ensuring clean and safe roadways during the winter season.

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

The Village is committed to following the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  View the procedures for filing an ADA complaint here.  Questions or complaints can be directed to the Village’s ADA Coordinator:

Melissa Jewett
Village of Northfield
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