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Electric Aggregation


Electric Aggregation


On November 6, 2012, Village residents were asked to vote on a referendum question which asked whether they wanted the Village to have the authority to arrange for the supply of electricity to residential and small commercial retail customers in order to negotiate better rates. The result was that 75% of the voters were in favor or 2,138 voted “Yes” versus 705 residents who voted “No.”


Following the election, the Village entered into talks to join the Lakeshore Power Alliance, a municipal aggregation partnership between the Villages of Wilmette and Kenilworth whose residents had voted in favor of electric aggregation during the spring 2012 election. The Alliance had already gone through a competitive bidding process and had chosen MC Squared Energy Services LLC as it supplier offering a rate of 4.035 cents per kilowatt or about 40% less per kilowatt than residents were paying for the supply of electricity through ComEd.


Prior to the start up of the Village’s electric aggregation program, MC Squared Energy Services LLC offered Northfield residents a special program called “affinity” which allowed them to obtain the same 4.035 rate available to the Lakeshore Power Alliance members with the ability to transition to the aggregation program.


In December 2012, letters were sent to all residents to notify them of the upcoming switch from ComEd to MC Squared. Residents who wanted to stay with ComEd were asked to follow the directions to “opt out” of the aggregation program. Residents who had already switched to an electric supplier other than ComEd prior to the aggregation program but who wanted to be part of the aggregation program received letters noting what to do to “opt in” to the program. Northfield residents who had earlier joined MC Squared’s “Affinity” program were also to follow the “opt in” letter to make the transition to the Lakeshore Power Alliance’s Municipal Aggregation Program.


Residents of Northfield with ComEd service who wanted to be part of the electric aggregation program did not have to do anything to be included; they were automatically included in the Lakeshore Power Alliance Aggregation Program. While electric bills will continue to come from ComEd which transmits electricity to your home and is still responsible for outages and maintenance of the utility, residents and small businesses that are part of the aggregation program began to see MC Squared’s name as the Supplier of electricity in February bills.


If you have any questions about the Lakeshore Power Alliance Municipal Aggregation program, call the Village Hall, 847-446-9200 or if you want to join or “opt in” to the program, call MC Squared at 1-855-564-8129.


Note: This information is provided as a courtesy outlining an opportunity available to you. The Village of Northfield is not soliciting business for MC Squared or the use of it services.



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